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Spades Plus app for iPhone and iPad

4.8 ( 3008 ratings )
Games Board Card
Developer: Peak Games
Current version: 3.7.0, last update: 1 day ago
First release : 19 May 2014
App size: 170.33 Mb

Let’s get together with Thousands of other players and challenge them on Spades Table.

Spades is one of the traditional trick-taking card games like Hearts, Euchre & Canasta, but this trick-taking card game is played in pairs in which spades is always the trump. Spades also have different game modes like Whiz, Mirror & Solo, which are popular in different countries.

If you want to play Spades, then join the biggest Spades Community with millions of players in the World! Spades Plus offers the strategy elements of Texas Hold’em Poker and luck elements of Slot games. Play against most challenging Spades players all around the world.

Win against the best card players and increase your chips as if you are betting in a real Las Vegas Casino. You can also double your chips by playing mini card games while waiting your world-class rivals.

Live Las Vegas Casino experience on your mobile, and connect with Facebook to challenge your friends. You will be gifted with FREE chips every day.

In Spades Plus, exciting trick-taking card games are waiting for you. Prove your talent in card games in online multiplayer environment.

• Different Game Modes: Whiz, Mirror, & Solo
• Earn more than 20,000 Chips by logging in
• Play in VIP rooms and Create your own Public & Private Rooms by deciding bet amount and limits
• Play Spades with Blind Nil & Nil bets
• Join to your friends’ tables with one click and start to play with them
• Chat with Other Players and Add them as Friends
• Create your Own Community

Pros and cons of Spades Plus app for iPhone and iPad

Spades Plus app good for

Great game! But currently has a glitch after the last update, & you cannot enter the tournaments..
I love this game. The only complaint is I have lost percentage a lot of times do do game slowing or crashing. Sometimes from a slow connection but other times from glitches in the game. Which has caused me to loose money also. I wish when this happens a retrieval was offered. Other than this I live love the game
This is an Awsome enjoying and relaxing game all who read this come over and play Spades Plus with us. To Spades Plus Thankyou for a great game
I absolutely love this game of spades. The challenge us Awesome. My family and I all play together
I love the game. I just wish we had more control of the info other players can see. Such as full name when sending coins, name on game, profile pic, etc.
My husband got me started playing this game and we play everyday together now. After you start finding some friends and maybe even join and league its like a whole other family on here. This is probably the only game I play consistently on the IOS. Its a great time, a nice way to meet some chill people, and great time waster lol. You may find some not so nice people who play from around world but for the most part, I would say a good 98% of the time, you will have great time playing. The layout is nice, they have some great spades games that arent just regular spades too. Its worth the download.

Some bad moments

After a recent update on iPad, tourney section keeps crashing game.
With your latest update I cannot play the game anymore. Going to try a different app for spades.
Throw me out every time I try to play the tournament!! Been going on too long!!
Buy coins CONSTANTLY pops up & since "whale room" contest u cant enter Tourn on app! But make sure there isnt a glitch for the pop ups to BUY COINS
Was cool up until recently the app force closes in tournament mode. Tried reaching out to the developer but no reply..: will remove from phone
I have been playing Spades Plus for the last couple of months. I became suspect after a short period of time. I also have emailed the makers with absolutely no response or indication or acknowledgment they received my email. At this time I began keeping a spreadsheet that kept track of all cards dealt, scores and also a prediction of the outcome of each game. I was able to initially play 120 games of either regular spades or solo spades. After 120 games I was able to amass a 90+% prediction rate. I then played an additional 50 games with a 100% prediction rating. With these kind of statistics I WOULD NOT recommend wasting your time or effort. This games is not based on skill, rather a slanted alogrithm that is calculated and determined before the game begins.

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